September 16, 2022

Push traffic with 10K$ profit

Let's start sending traffic in plus on crypto traffic. Crypto with push traffic to Australia

Network: PROX
Traffic source: Evadav
Offer: BTC Bank
GEO: Australia
Budget: $11 743 
Revenue:  $22 000
Profit: $10 257
Period: 21.11.2021-18.12.2021
ROI: 87% 

Choice of offer:

Hello, everybody! I’ll share my case with you.

I've been working with dating for about three years, and about six months ago, I decided to try crypto. 

As you know, to pour on crypto you have to hold a big-budget - $100 is not enough. So when I had an acceptable budget, I decided to try a new vertical for me and try to increase my income. 

Before starting work, we learned from the manager everything that we were interested in: what sources of traffic can be used, what are the options of the tracker configuration, and we provided our minimum for payments by country. 

He suggested for us some offers, on geo what we used to work with, and he told us where the best CR is, where the Call Center works faster, and how important it is for us which can work on the weekends

It also needs to be specified a lot of it works only during the week, which is very bad for the leads.

We stopped at the BTC Bank and decided to pour into Australia. 

BTC Bank the offer of black hat category, auto trading. The user is invited to invest in Bitcoin, and BTC Bank is an auto-trading bot that will help close trades. 

The offer is not new but works very well. People will always want to learn how to earn on trading, and the easier it is to do, the more seductive. And we knew how to work such products.

Land of offer:

It is necessary to make a white pre-land and creatives because this is a black hat offer category. 

The network proposes its creatives and pre-lands to this offer. Bet on such offer for Australia is $ 900, but the manager promised a bump + 100$. If we start good volumes in the first week. My team and I were planning to do this, so it wasn’t a problem for us. 

Also, we agreed with the network on weekly payment, which pleasantly helped after the first test to increase the volume of traffic.


On this offer, the network suggested 15 pre-lands. Of course not all are perfect) 

We decided to test one of their pre-land, where the father invests in Bitcoin from home. And we made another one, quite different.

The test lasted a week, the results after the tests were almost the same, one dep per period. On the test was leaked $319, for such traffic is quite acceptable. But we decided to stop at our pre-land. Because we trust our own more, we weren’t so afraid that the traffic would go away.

This is what the network's pre-land looked like, without any changes on our side. We only added more CTAs and asked for a little adjustment on the grid.

This is what our pre-land looked like: 

Here pre-lands are bright and with loud headlines that work well to push traffic.

I’ll show you what else the network offered, for example) 

They are not bad and may for your traffic show better results: 


On spy services, we have seen that now converts better, and which triggers can be used. As usual, for financial outlets - images of money (the more the better), sexy girls, and luxury items.

We did not do many creatives because it was necessary to test the pre-lands. Plus, the country is difficult, and I did not know how to behave in traffic.

Example 1

Title: Australian shocked everyone by revealing how he earns 1000$ daily.

Description: The most profitable method became available for the Australians.

Title: Earn at least 370 AUD per day

Description: Exclusive auto trading not available for all Australians.

Work with traffic:

Next about figures.

We’ve been working with pushes for three years. The CR on the pushes, of course, is weaker than with Facebook or with natives, but if you correctly adjust the target, pick up a quality offer, pre-lands with creatives - the result will always be good. Previous experience has made it possible to work with the pushes on the crypto. 

By format and targeting, we only worked with push traffic. Target was only one - platform. We choose the target for all devices. I also want to note that I launched on all audiences, did not separate campaigns on user activity.

In general, the audience is very large, but it was for the test of pre-lands and creatives. From the test, we realized that such settings will bring leads and have run all traffic on one pre-land.

Here is a screen of our settings in Evadav:

And statistics of traffic:  

According to statistics in Evadav you can see that the campaign worked well in the beginning, but towards the end began to lose its CTR. 

It was needed: to change the creatives, optimize the target, but at that moment, we already began to test a different approach. 

And this story is not about that. 

580 leads in a month are very good.


In general, the statistics from PROX looked like this:

In total, about $12K was spent on the campaign during the month (including the tests) and we received $22,000. To be honest, the result exceeded our expectations. And we are very pleased with the result.


Should have tested more, first I should have tested all the creatives and pre-lands

Make more creatives so there are different audiences 

Optimize traffic - add more geo, not just Australia

To finish your precious, so that only the target traffic remains. 

But we learn from our mistakes and wish you well.